Friday, December 2, 2011

POF Argentina paid site with Automatic Rebilling clause

PlentyOfFish, the wolf in sheep's clothing. It has paid features inside its "free" proposal.
UltraPareja is the UltraMatch feature, a Behavioural Recommendation Engine. (little birdie told me it does not perform as expected, and nearly nobody pays for that feature)

As predicted at PlentyOfFish International Plans, the owner plans to launch local sites in Latin American Countries.

The entire site design is terrible, looks like an old quilt all patched.
The owner should hire his own wife's services to redesign entirely PlentyOfFish (rebranded as POF in some countries)

"carro" means car in Mexico, but Argentina uses "auto" instead.

birth order item is useless at all, a complete waste of time, it adds more "noise than signal" to the predictor they are tuning.

PlentyOfFish, Plenty of Rubbish Tests, all home grown! No one was peer reviewed or published in any Scientific Paper. Please remember normative tests can not be simply translated, because you need the norm for those tests, and that norm is actualized each and every time Census Figures are released.

The main test, the PlentyOfFish Chemistry Predictor, is a HOAX.
PlentyOfFish tried to be the next  "free eHarmony" but made 3 mistakes.


Sexy Girls at POF? What does it mean? You need to upgrade to paid member to use that feature.

When you click to upgrade, this warning message appears from Firefox. (The majority of South Americans use Firefox 8.0 with Adblock Plus Add-on, Windows XP service pack 2 operating system with 512M of RAM, AVG antivirus free edition 2011 and 1Mbps Internet Broadband. If you want to test how something performs you should use than combo for South American countries).

The IM (chat feature)

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