Saturday, May 12, 2012

DoskonalaPara "new" test & features.

Last year, March 2011, I had reviewed DoskonalaPara.

DoskonalaPara claims:
"our test
The main goal of the portal was to provide our users with the tools for precise and quick to find true love.
For these reasons, invited the psychologist George Utnika Radoslaw,  who created us specifically for the test. It consists of 35 questions, after completion, the user receives an accurate description of his personality. It is then compared to other users.  In addition, take into account the expectations of the future  union, a common housekeeping, leisure, work or family. The combination of personality and expectations gives amazing results, so users can easily find the love of his life."

DoskonalaPara is another HOAX in the Online Dating Industry, with any Scientific Proof (uses an IPSATIVE personality test) like Chemistry.

Now relaunches imitating Badoo!

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