Thursday, May 10, 2012

IQ Elite relaunches, imitates Badoo

Please remember IQ tests are ability tests, answers could be Right or Wrong, so the questions should be sorted in increasing difficulty forming a Rasch Hierarchy. Those IQ tests sould be constructed using Modern Test Theory / Item Response Theory (IRT).
Intelligent Elite, Brainiac Dating, IQ Gorgeous and others like them DO NOT meet IRT, they are all ... rubbish.

Moreover Intelligent Elite claims:
Compatibilidad Científica
¡Nuestro servicio de compatibilidad científica utiliza tus criterios y nuestro algoritmo para ofrecerte las mejores coincidencias! El servicio se adapta y aprende acerca de tus preferencias con el tiempo.
translated as:
Scientific Compatibility
Our scientific compatibility service uses your criteria and our algorithm to bring you the best matches! The service adapts and learns about your preferences over time.
That is a HOAX, they don not have any scientific proof.
Moreover: In a previous post I had reviewed IQ tests for dating
Intelligent Elite offers the Swiss 16PT, an adapted Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ipsative test (not to be mistaken with the normative 16PF5)

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