Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Internet's impact on aspiring countries report from McKinsey

The Internet's impact on aspiring countries report from McKinsey

Country profiles: Argentina at pages 68 to 80
Argentina, which has high individual wealth for an aspiring country in Latin America, leverages the Internet effectively for economic and social impact.
While some entrepreneurs have successful Internet businesses, entrepreneurship broadly remains constrained by difficulties in accessing capital. However, Argentina does have the human capital needed for Internet entrepreneurship, leading its regional peers in both the per capita number of R&D researchers and tertiary science graduates.
The costs of Internet access in Argentina are about 25 percent lower than the Latin American average. These low access costs, coupled with a highly urbanized population, have helped to drive Internet penetration in Argentina—today this stands at 64 percent. Residential use is healthy. The penetration of broadband into households is 37 percent, higher than the 33 percent in Chile and 22 percent in Brazil.

Argentina has a relatively high number of mobile subscriptions compared with the rest of Latin America. The popularity of mobile devices has led to a distinct Internet usage profile: high levels of social networking and the development of mobile applications are unique traits of Argentina's Internet ecosystem.

E-commerce in Argentina has significant room to continue growing. (Exhibit 44)
The maturity of Argentina’s Internet ecosystem lags behind that of Brazil and Chile but is ahead of Mexico's. (Exhibit 45)
Argentine users, despite being older, use the Internet more than their regional peers. (Exhibit 47)

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