Tuesday, April 18, 2017

BI article: The reclusive CEO of dating app Badoo on his app's redesign

Full transcript: Badoo CEO Andrey Andreev on his app's redesign, partnerships, and Bumble

The reclusive CEO of dating app Badoo on his app's redesign, Bumble, and why he won't IPO any time soon

- Badoo has partnered with Bumble, the dating app started by a Tinder cofounder.  TechCrunch reported in 2016 that Badoo is the majority shareholder of Bumble, owning 79% of the company. 
- Badoo has been completely redesigned. The new Badoo that you can see today is just a skeleton for a whole load of amazing, game-changing features that are coming live very soon.
- Badoo does deals with other dating apps — but it isn't looking for acquisitions 

Happn wants to be acquired by Badoo or other company?

- No IPO for Badoo.

Please remember:
Badoo is in war with Zoosk and Badoo backed Bumble to fight and destroy Tinder.
Tinder is in big war with Badoo, and can not outperform it.
The mission of Tinder was to kill Badoo, but it seems Tinder is killing Match.
It seems there is an internal war between Tinder and Match App.
If Tinder is cannibalizing Match and Match Group now wants to promote more Match App and not much Tinder because Tinder is not monetizing as expected?

My bet: Badoo is in the spyware business, no more than that!

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