Monday, April 3, 2017

eHarmony, instead of innovating in the Online Dating Industry, jokes at April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day 5 years ago, and the Online Dating Industry
April Fools’ Day in Australia: eHarmony is introducing ‘magnetism’ to its dating app.


eHarmony Premium, new feature / option from eHarmony

eHarmony closed eH+ and ElevatedCareers and now offers a new silly option, at USD 30 per month, nobody will care?
Please be alerted The Big Five normative personality test, had been revealed as incorrect and incomplete model of personality. Now it is obsolete and a fraud to use it.
The Online Dating Industry needs Innovations, not more bells and whistles!
eHarmony is a 16+ years old obsolete site and a big fraud. The success rate of eHarmony is less than 10%. (via reverse engineering by Fernando Ardenghi)
eHarmony is only supported by a big marketing budget and not by serious scientific evidence.

Very easy to copycat eHarmony, but very difficult to innovate: a 100 times better algorithm than eHarmony.

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