Monday, April 17, 2017

Happn wants to be acquired by Badoo or other company?
"I've been contacted by many companies, including Badoo," Happn CEO said. "Today my concern is not to talk with my competitors about an exit. Today my concern is to build my company."
That is code for "if it can not be profitable, Happn should be sold asap"
To avoid an end ala SmartDate.

Happn in emergency. Plans to reboot next Q2 2017 if it can!

Hinge: A two old months interview where the CEO explains
he can not beat Tinder and will waste over USD 20 Million ?

Online Dating app Once receives USD5.6 million in funding for its revolutionary concepts in the online dating market.???

BI article: The reclusive CEO of dating app Badoo on his app's redesign

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