Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Viola.AI .. but Match failed with Amazon Alexa


Nobody can tell them Viola.AI seems to be a big overpromise! They mistake AI with a silly recommender system.
A fraud, a hoax, that will not outperform Watson IBM
that uses obsolete Big Five normative test (same as eHarmony, EliteSingles and eSync)..

"Viola.AI creates a much more secure, interactive place to meet, talk, but also begin to participate in the non-cyber world. For example, a matched couple will be able to use cryptocurrency to pay for gifts or the wedding dress. But also couples counseling and other expert advice. Users sign up to the platform. Their identity is verified through facial identification, including via their social media profile. They can then use the system cryptocurrency to pay for membership services and other community-linked goods and opportunities. The entire ecosystem of dating, in other words, is found on one platform."
== READ the virtual world SecondLife resurrected???

Viola.AI, a ‘Siri with empathy’ ???

Match failed with Alexa Amazon

and Chief Scientist At eHarmony Cavorts With The ... Facebook

My bet: He is copycatting WATSON IBM, in same manner as Dr. Galen Buckwalter did (Soulmates.ai), but Buckwalter used the HEXACO model of personality (BIG FIVE, or OCEAN is obsolete now)

eHarmony and other dating sites are collaborating with big AI players like IBM Watson ???

Dr. Galen Buckwalter talks about the HEXACO model of personality (BIG FIVE, or OCEAN is obsolete now)
article: Why Brands Need to Understand Personalities in Order to Leverage AI’s Potential
AI, former eHarmony's Chief Scientist and PsyML (machine learning and big data)
Soulmates.ai launches to help brands find compatible influencers using AI

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