Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Parship HOAX part 2

The brain behind Parship is Dr. Hugo Schmale. (Who really knows him ?)

Parship promotes its "Personality Test based on scientific principles." (Machen Sie unseren wissenschaftlichen Persönlichkeitstest) in some countries without any Scientific Proof.
Parship is another hoax.

Moreover Parship's management team is using dishonest tactics / dirty tricks to convert Basic users into Premium paying subscribers like sending winks / greetings / icebreakers and messages with photos from women to men, and when you want to read those messages with photos, it says "Are you curious to know? As premium member you can read all your messages at once and use our full service."

In less than a week I had received 633 prospective compatibility partners and 11 messages from women.

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