Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meetic affinity == Match affinity == Dating Direct affinity

Meetic affinity == Match affinity == Dating Direct affinity

"The affinity test has been designed by an expert group of psychologists specialised in psychometrics and dynamics of human relationships. The test is based on the very highest standards of analysis as defined by the American Psychological Association and the Educational Testing Service.
The affinity test has around one hundred questions designed to explore your personality across 71 different psychological criteria, including your fundamental values, and your views on areas such as life, love, family and money."

The affinity test consists of 97 questions which look at areas such as your values, opinions, personality and expectations. It was designed by the AssessFirst team.

The compatibility rating is based on an analysis of 71 different criteria which can affect the success of relationships.

The report focuses on aspects of your personality that are particularly important when developing relationships, and is divided into three main sections:
- The first section concentrates on your system of values.
- The second section examines what's important to you and how you live your life.
- The third section looks at your personality and the way in which you interact with others.

They assess 12 personality factors and then they combine to "construct" a proprietary model of the Normative Big 5.They can match you with a prospective partner with a similar or opposite personality than yours, it depends on what you have preferred.

Compatibility between prospective mates is expressed as percentage, i.e. 71%, 63%, etc
Meetic affinity == Match affinity == Dating Direct affinity have not any peer reviewed Scientific Paper to sustain their claims.
Moreover as any other actual online dating site offering compatibility matching methods MatchAffinity could reach "as low as" 3 to 4 persons high compatible per 1,000 persons screened, so in a 1,000,000 women database, you have as many as 3,000 to 4,000 women to contact (nearly at the same time), that means, a whole precision LESS than anyone could achieve by searching on one's own!

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