Sunday, June 26, 2011

another (big) hacking incident

It was launched during July 2007, nearly 4 years ago.
It peaked until January 2008, then the decadence began, the majority of its members migrated to Facebook (and never returned).
It has very little traffic.

It is an ads supported social net and now has 2 main functionalities.
- streaming music videos (mainly hosted at YouTube)
- online games.
You do not need to log in (nor even register - sign up) to use those 2 main functionalities.

FortunaWeb reported that social net was hacked (24th June 2011)

The official blog says (22nd June 2011):

"Dear Users,
We recently detected an unauthorized access to our systems.
We immediately took action to protect our members' data, reinforced controls and the security of our systems.
We recommend that you reset your password for your account. If you have used the same email and password combination as log-in information for any other site (email accounts and other websites requiring registration), we recommend you to change your password in those sites as well.

Some time ago I had posted about the  Passwords^11 conference
(where they talked about the PlentyOfFish's hacking incident/s)
about the PlentyOfFish and eHarmony's hacking incidents

What really happened to the security audit that was to be held in last February on PlentyOfFish? swept under the carpet?

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