Monday, June 13, 2011

Does our personality affect our level of attractiveness?

Is there's something about personality that makes some people better at predicting whether others will want to meet them?

Dr. Lars Penke, one of the brains behind PERSOC is leading research in the speed dating events arena.
In a previous article, I had posted "Two papers debunking speeddating for serious dating"

Now a new study conducted by Dr. Lars Penke et al finds that certain personality traits contribute to being a good judge of whether someone else thinks you're worth meeting again.
In 17 groups, a total of 190 men and 192 women met members of the opposite sex—basically the standard speed dating routine, but that time, with psychologists collecting a lot of data. Among that data was personality information and the all-important question after each three-minute date: for each person you talk to, do you want to see that person again? They were also asked if they thought the other person would want to meet them.
On the whole, people are very bad at guessing how many of the other persons will want to meet them. Some people had no clue at all. But others did better. Success was correlated with particular traits that are stereotypically associated with the sexes: Men who have a more promiscuous orientation were better at guessing if a woman would want to meet them, and women whose personality was very agreeable were better at guessing if a man would meet them.

Back, M. D., Penke, L., Schmukle, S. C., & Asendorpf, J. B. (in press). Knowing your own mate value: Sex-specific personality effects on the accuracy of expected mate choices. Psychological Science.

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