Friday, September 9, 2011

UPDATE about Yangutu

I agree that Yangutu is better than Badoo and also it is cheaper [for fun dating, for entertainment purposes, not for serious dating], but Yangutu has nearly no traffic. Nobody is using it. The upper bar is nearly the same as 2 days ago. At Badoo, it is continually moving, changing with new persons online. Alexa shows Yangutu has no traffic, so when one person checks/reads your profile, Yangutu sends an instant email to the email address you had used to register, so you can click the name of the person who reviewed your profile and automatically you are logged in and you can begin to chat. (You do not need to enter your username and password)


The chat runs quite slow in my computer and it causes high resources consumption (The majority of South Americans use Firefox 6.0.2 with Adblock Plus Add-on, Windows XP service pack 2 operating system with 512M of RAM, AVG antivirus free edition 2011 and 1Mbps Internet Broadband. If you want to test how something performs you should use than combo for South American countries).
Also the compatibility matching method Yangutu offers is a HOAX, they do not have any scientific proof. Yangutu's matching algorithm can not prove its matching algorithm can match prospective partners who will have more stable and satisfying relationships than couples matched by chance, astrological destiny, personal preferences, searching on one's own, or other technique as the control group in a peer_reviewed Scientific Paper.
Friday 9th 06:30 PM in Argentina is Saturday 10th 01:30 AM in Moscow and here are fresh screenshots.


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