Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some news about Match Argentina

The Spring will begin September, 21st.
That day is an important Holiday for lovers in Argentina and many South American Countries.

Match Argentina now allows non paying members to send messages (they call e-mails) to other members for free, but if the receiver wants to read that message sent; he/she should acquire a membership plan. (It seems Match Latam's Team is closely tracking Badoo)

Also there is the "Star Plan", a paying member pays more and he/she could receive messages from non paying members and the non paying members can read messages sent by him/her without paying.

The "Star Plan" costs ARS 479.94 == USD 114.43 a 6 months membership.
Regular plan costs ARS 299.94 == USD 71.50  a 6 months membership.

There are different options for paying: credit card with automatic rebilling, Pay Pal, but the better to avoid automatic rebilling and as many Argentineans do not have or do not want to use their credit card to subscribe, are
paying by bank wire transfer from your debit card.
paying by Western Union (in almost every local post office)
paying by Pago Fácil as many Argentineans pay water, gas, electricity, telephone, tv cable bills in drugstores, supermarkets, etc.

Match Argentina, as in many other countries outside the USA, includes Chemistry inside. It is called Cupido Diario in the Argentinean version.

Match Latam had aired a bad taste commercial that is still alive and I had estimated Match Latam revenue some months ago in USD 29 million.
Remember also how Match USA marketing campaign had morphed.

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