Thursday, February 23, 2012

The IAC to acquire eHarmony?

Heeyyyyyyyyy, a little birdie had come to my window this summer morning today in my South American home and said:

" .... last November Blatt contacted Verba in order to acquire all eharmony's properties. Blatt offered 500 million but Verba wanted 1 billion. Eharmony Japan was aborted. Verba and Blatt are now talking again.  "

Blatt is Mr. Gregory Blatt, IAC's CEO (InterActive Corporation. NASDAQ: IACI)
Verba is Mr. Jeremy Verba, eHarmony Inc.'s CEO.

Is it true: the IAC (Match, Chemistry and others) to acquire eHarmony Inc.? Who knows?

Because some days ago another old birdie had told me:
"Online dating is about selling hope, heavy consistent sex-based advertising and keeping as many of the creeps out of women's inboxes as possible. ...... eHarmony makes over $150 million a year and their ad spend is on target in terms of customer acquisition costs. ..... Match is demolishing eHarmony and everyone else and has another few acquisitions in the pipeline. .... Of course many dating sites are in it for the money and don't care about members. Every dating site is guilty of this to some degree. Its a business, not a charity. Deplorable at times, its the nature of the industry and thats never going to change."

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