Sunday, February 12, 2012

PlentyOfFish in a mess!

Funny post at PlentyOfFish's blog.
Because at
it says:
"PlentyOfFish's Exclusive Tests
The Chemistry Test measures five broad dimensions of your personality that are essential for building a romantic relationship."
"Ultra Match is our newest and most advanced Behavioural Matchmaking System!"
and at
"The mechanics of the CP are proprietary, and its success in creating online dating partners will soon be published in an academic journal together with outcome data from actual daters. "

In a previous email I had received from PlentyOfFish's CEO, he said:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Markus Frind
Date: Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 12:02 AM
Subject: Re: PlentyOfFish Success Rate disclosed / 6% to 9%

There is a huge difference  between YEARLY numbers and  LIFETIME Numbers.  
You can't compare  yearly stats to lifetime.  
In your numbers all relationships formed before 2011  suddenly don't count?
The success rate is between 30 and 50% depending on region and demographic.

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 7:42 PM, FERNANDO ARDENGHI wrote:

Ms. Kate Bilenki, "director of love at PlentyOfFish, the Vancouver-based dating site with more than 33 million registered users worldwide" (the site’s membership has increased 40% over the last two years), had also said "PlentyOfFish is responsible over a million relationships per year, and about 300,000 of those result in marriage"
    1 M relationships == 2 M persons.
    2 million / 33 million == 0.06 or 6% Success Rate
    but if it is over a million but less than 1.5 million
    less than 3 million persons / 33 million == 0.09 or 9% Success Rate
    i.e. PlentyOfFish is performing as placebo, Success Rate less than 10%.

    eHarmony reached 30 million members during 2009
    148,311 marriages and 1,130,006 non-married, monogamous relationships (ESTIMATED TO BE) started by eHarmony, between January 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009.
    2,556,634 persons / 30 million == 0.085 or 8.5% Success Rate for eHarmony.
Several times I had debunked PlentyOfFish as a HOAX, a complete scam for its members. They are wasting precious time.
No matter which compatibility matching system in use at PlentyOfFish, I would love to see PlentyOfFish showing any kind of compatibility distribution curves for each and every dater!

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