Thursday, December 13, 2012

eHarmony USA launches redesign!

Those stupids instead of innovating, adding more noise!
The light blue of the background imitates the one used at POF (PlentyOfFish)
The questions imitates the style used in recently Match's redesign (Latam)

This version is worse than the previous one.
You can click very fast using the mouse, and it could go out of control (what you click)

It includes 2 new features, to hide (former archive a match) and block (former delete) profiles.

Checking profiles is more time consuming than the former version. Profiles are called "a magazine all about you"

Prices only for 1 month and 12 months plans, no more the 3 or 6 months plans.

I had challenged eHarmony's Team, several times,  to replace eHarmony, a 12+ years old & obsolete site, performing as placebo, with a a new site with a new matching algorithm using the 16PF5 test or similar including the 3 latest discoveries in theories of romantic relationships development with commitment.
But …. eHarmony’s Team don’t want to innovate in nothing and they will collapse next March 2013.

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