Wednesday, March 6, 2013

EMPIRE and UMAP 2013

EMPIRE 2013 workshop
1st Workshop on "Emotions and Personality in Personalized Services"  will be organized in conjunction with the UMAP 2013 conference and will be held 10th June 2013 in Rome.
While a lot of discussion has been made on filtering algorithms, and evaluation measures, few studies have stood to consider the role of emotions and personality in user models and personalized services.

UMAP 2013
The 21st Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization
Rome, Italy, June 10-14, 2013  -----     Roma Tre University
UMAP is the premier international conference for researchers and practitioners working on systems that adapt to their individual users, or to groups of users, and collect and represent information about users for this purpose.

Which is the RIGHT approach to innovate in the Personality Based Recommender Systems Arena?
The same approach to innovate in the Online Dating Industry == 16PF5 test or similar to assess personality traits and a new method to calculate similarity between quantized patterns.

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