Saturday, June 8, 2013

2 new online dating startups will be launched soon

Cold Winter soon here, in South America. A little birdie from North America could not come to my window to talk, and he sent me an email instead. He said 2 new online dating startups will be launched soon, and they plan to enter the LatAm Market.

I told him, I will recommend them the following:

- Do not show fake profiles as Mamba/Wamba/Mamboo, Badoo
- Do not buy fake profiles to fill the initial database.
- Do not think you can use credit card billing trickery.
  People will not use credit cards for subscription services and no automatic rebilling posibilities! Even eHarmony Brazil is game over there, in Brazil!
- How to detect fake profiles in Argentina & Uruguay
- See past failed proposals like AlguienAQuiénQuerer, Pachetes, CitasWeb and others
- Read LATAM Digital Future 2013

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