Tuesday, February 3, 2015

article: Tablets are on the decline for the first time ever!

The PC market is rising, while tablets are declining: has the world gone crazy?

"So does this mean that the personal computer is going to come roaring back, while the tablet declines? I would say most definitely not. While a single quarter does not a trend make, if this continues to happen in subsequent quarters, though, then the space might have a problem on its hands."

Full article at Vator,

My bet: Many people bought a tablet some months ago, now they need to buy a new desktop computer.

"The implications of a multi-platform majority:
In the United States, more than half of all digital time spent now comes from mobile devices. U.S. time spent consuming digital content has increased dramatically in past three years due to mobile platforms.
Content is consumed across multiple devices by the same person!
SmartPhones rule the mornings.
PCs rule during the day."
extracted from
U.S.A. Digital Future in Focus 2014 (comScore Report)

Please see:
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