Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rocket Internet AG. Business Update FEB 2015 "Food and Groceries"

My bet: what they propose is similar to saying: "gasoline drums shipped to your home", so you do not need to go with your car to a gas station to refill the fuel tank.

I suspect no one of those companies are designed to be profitable ever. They have big losses because they sell below cost to gain traction. All cloned companies seem like bubbles.
Perhaps Rocket Internet AG. will end like Fab.

It seems to be a big fight, a big quarrel between AB Kinnevik and Rocket Internet AG. Little birdie said:

"It's the Goldman Age at Kinnevik. Stenbeck has pulled out of the forest, set up in Mayfair. Goldman came to do what Mia and Hans couldn't. Maximize perceived value in the portfolio ventures, and make exits. Now Samwer wants to play at Kinnevik's game, with food delivery (take-away). Oli did say he never learned anything from the bankers. An apparent slap at Goldman Sachs."

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