Monday, May 22, 2017

AshleyMadison sinking ship?

Do not trust / believe article saying "AshleyMadison is back — and claims surprising user numbers"

Remember last October 2013:  

Fortress Investments, a New York hedge fund, will loan Avid Life Media USD50M over two years
then Alexa shows The Impact Team was really victorious.
It seems no one trust AshleyMadison any more because it seems they STILL use fembots. 
Cheaters will use Tinder instead.  

Soon you will see online dating scam victims hiring hackers and private investigators to fight back bad online dating sites, destroying them from inside, ala AshleyMadison case!   

Please see:
AshleyMadison blackmail roars back to life ???

Alexa shows AshleyMadison is a sinking ship.

USA FBI should had closed AshleyMadison forever.

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