Tuesday, May 9, 2017

PAPER: Personality, personnel selection, and job performance


Google (Alphabet Inc.) launched Google Hire, a new job application service.

WayUp: same road as ElevatedCareers? Overpromises first?

February 2016 eHarmony launched ElevatedCareers, for match job seekers with employers but it only overpromised, delivered job matches as a machine gun shooting flowers (good for nothing, useless).
Then closed in a year.

For matching job seekers with employers, the best predictor of job performance is always: personality!!!

What comes after the Social Networking wave?
The Next Big Investment Opportunity on the Internet will be .... Personalization!
Personality Based Recommender Systems and Strict Personality Based Compatibility Matching Engines for serious Online Dating with the normative 16PF5 personality test.

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