Saturday, December 2, 2017

9M 2017 Results Rocket Internet Group & Selected Companies (Capital Markets Day)

10 long years operating at a loss!
It is clear they have plenty of cash to burn, perhaps no more than that

article about "Rocket Internet's Spectacular Display"

AB Kinnevik ran away from Rocket Internet SE

Many if not most, USA, Canadian or European businesses models are unfeasible in Latin American countries, African countries, Russia or even Australia because transportation costs could be 10 times bigger than in Europe.
All European countries fit in Brazil, Russia, Africa or Australia.
It means: If you want to replicate a big success in Brazil, it will be as hard as the same to replicate it in all European countries, but in this case with 1/8 of population compared to Europe!

All the domino should fall ...  when they run out of money! 


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