Thursday, December 28, 2017

The demise of MiMediaManzana, copycat of eHarmony

MiMediaManzana CEO new interview.

MiMediaManzana (from Peru) eHarmony style copycat GAME OVER by Alexa.

Alexa and SimilarWeb show NO rising tide for Online Dating Industry in 2017

The Online Dating Industry needs INNOVATIONS, not more bells and whistles.
Personality Based Recommender Systems are the next generation of recommender systems because they perform far better than Behavioural ones (past actions and pattern of personal preferences) or other system that learns your preferences (READ machine learning)
Also do not mistake "artificial intelligence" with a behavioural recommender system.
Please do not call AI to any silly recommender system that learns your preference.

Lack Of Innovation & Decadence can summarize the Online Dating Industry.
C-Level executives are more worried about their golf scores than their company’s long term strategy and innovations.
C-level executives are cooking barbecues under the water (selling smoke) and not paying attention to latest research from Academics which could be beneficial for the Online Dating Industry.

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