Thursday, January 27, 2011

eSynchrony, dating site review

eSynchrony, dating site review
(Launched in June 2010, Alexa shows has no traffic at all. It cannot take off)

eSynchrony (Singapore / Malaysia / Hong Kong) made easy with online dating personality test for compatibility matching.

Brain: Jane A. Sanders ???

eSynchrony looks like an advanced copy of eHarmony

eSynchrony is a personality-based matchmaking platform that seeks to integrate online and offline dating.
Ms Lim added: " will be able to see that this person is actually 81 per cent compatible with them."

"The key difference to eSynchrony compared to other personality tests platforms out there is that we actually arrange the dates. This is a good compromise to dating between online and offline and encourage more singles to be pro-active to go out there and find love."

So, how does eSynchrony Work?
Register with eSynchrony Dating Service   
Phone check and screening
Set the date
Just turn-up!

The eSynchrony matchmaking algorithm and profiling is based on 15 areas of compatibility such as:  
Profile Attributes  
Life Experiences  
Physical Attributes  
Personality Temperament  
Interests and Passions  
Relationship Skills  
Values and beliefs  
Relationship readiness  
Cultural Inclinations  
Money Attitudes  

They also ask for your National Registration Identity Card, the identity document in use in Singapore and your mobile phone number.

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