Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SPSP 2011

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology will be held January 27-29, 2011 (Total posters: 1770)

Poster Schedule:

Poster Session B Close Relationships/Belonging/Rejection

Here is the list of posters I had selected:

B13 "Similarity predicts relationship satisfaction in Brazil"
Erina Lee1, Gian C. Gonzaga1,2; 1eHarmony Labs, 2University of California, Los Angeles
Two studies investigated the impact of similarity on relationship satisfaction in Brazil.
In study 1, couples' independent ratings of similarity across personality, values, and interests predicted satisfaction.
In study 2, perceived similarity in personality and interests (coded from open-ended text) predicted satisfaction.
Results support the importance of similarity in relationships.

B15 "Love and Falling in Love Are Defined Differently in the United States and China"

B32 "Is it a date? How payment affects perceptions of romantic interest"

This study examined the effect of financial payment on perceptions of romantic interest. Results suggest that a meal is more likely to be defined as a date when the man pays fully and that men view partial payment by a man as detrimental to the female partner's romantic interest.

B95 "The Role of Selectivity in Romantic Attraction"

The current study examined associations between attractiveness, selectivity, and desirability among undergraduates in a speed-dating context.

B107 "Status Updates vs. Private Messages: The Effects of Facebook Communication on Relationship Closeness"
This field experiment examined the effect of Facebook communications on relationship closeness. Results revealed that among classmates, sending private messages had significantly positive closeness benefits over posting status updates, but the opposite pattern emerged for long-time friends. These results suggest Facebook effects may differ depending on the users' relationship.

B166 "Personality and Appraisals of Romantic Relationships: A Meta-Analysis"
Some studies suggest that personality has little association with self-reported relationship appraisals (i.e., quality or satisfaction), whereas other studies reveal significant correlations. To clarify these mixed findings, a random effects meta-analysis was conducted examining the association between the Big Five personality traits and romantic relationship appraisals. Moderator variables are discussed.

Poster Session C Psychophysiology/Genetics
C253 "It's that time of the month: Fertility, mate-value, depressive symptomology, and short-term mating orientation"

Poster Session E Individual Differences

E46 "Your Torso Can Talk: Visual Cues to Similarity Detection"

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