Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SPSP 2011 series of posters

C253 "It's that time of the month: The effects of hormonal shifts on female mate value, depressive symptomology, and short term mating orientation."

Heather Adams, MA, and Victor Luévano, PhD
California State University Stanislaus

It is consistent with
I.1) "Human oestrus" Gangestad & Thornhill (2008)
"Only short-term but not long-term partner preferences tend to vary with the menstrual cycle"

I.2) "Does the contraceptive pill alter mate choice in humans?" Alvergne & Lummaa (2009)
".. whereas normally cycling women express a preference for MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) dissimilarity in mates, pill users prefer odours of MHC-SIMILAR men, indicating that pill use might eliminate adaptive preferences for genetic dissimilarity."

I.3) "Personality and reproductive success in a high-fertility human population"  Alvergne, Jokelac & Lummaaa (2010)
The reproductive success of both men and women is influenced by our personality traits, according to the paper.
The study, found that women with higher levels of neuroticism and more extravert men, are likely to give birth to a larger number of children in societies with traditionally high birth rates.

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