Saturday, January 15, 2011

Featured in "Caras y Caretas" issue Nº 2254, January 2011.

"Caras y Caretas" (Faces and Masks) is a high society magazine.
Article "Te espero en la banda ancha" (I wait you in the BroadBand, article about the Online Dating Industry Market in Argentina) page 84 by Juan Pablo Urfeig (journalist)

Match Argentina, Zonacitas and I are featured in that article.

- Argentine online daters are mainly persons in the range 35 to 60 years old.
- 60% are men at Match Argentina and Zonacitas.
- 50% of men at Match Argentina and Zonacitas say they have a College degree.
- Match Argentina costs ARS $ 80.00 per month (USD 20.00) [Match Argentina includes Chemistry inside, it is called Daily5 in Argentina, but it is Chemistry rebranded. In USA & Canada Match and Chemistry are separated sites, but not in Latin American Countries]
- Zonacitas costs ARS $ 75.00 per month (USD 18.75)
- Nor Match Argentina not Zonacitas disclose a success rate.
- Match Argentina claims 4 million Argentinean profiles, but admits they are only 1 million active profiles (not paying members, only active profiles).
[i.e. 75% of profiles at Match Argentina are useless at all, they are inactive]

There I say "You can fastly search for the person you want, but most probably that person does not exist or does not want to meet you because you are not compatible with him/her. Online dating needs innovations, but the innovations will come from Latest Research in Theories of Romantic Relationships Development with commitment: high precision personality similarity"

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