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Lack Of Innovation & Decadence can summarize the Online Dating Industry 2011, the same as 2010.

Since 2003 I had reviewed more than 55 compatibility matching engines and I can say: The entire Online Dating Industry for serious daters in 1st World Countries is a HOAX, performing as a Big Online Casino, with a low effectiveness/efficiency level of their matching algorithms (less than 10%), and new proposals are not better than the old ones.

WorldWide, there are over 5,000 -five thousand- online dating sites
 but no one is using the 16PF5 to assess personality of its members!
 but no one calculates similarity with a quantized pattern comparison method!
 but no one can show Compatibility Distribution Curves to each and every of its members!
 but no one is scientifically proven!

PerfectMatch, Duet Total Compatibility System. eHarmony / . MyType from RSVP (it was a copycat of eHarmony in Australia). "MyType - Discover Your Personality Type". Chemistry. "eChemistry - the science of attraction". eSynchrony. OurTime. Match Affinity, Meetic Affinity, Dating Direct Affinity (Ulteem), PartnerDE. OkCupid. Be2. Parship / eCift in Turkey. The PlentyOfFish Chemistry Predictor. The PlentyOfFish Marriage Predictor. eVow's compatibility matching method. 12Like. LittleHint. datingDNA. Zoosk Scientific Matching Service/System. True. LovePlanetRU. ScientificMatch. Basisnote. GenePartner. RewardingLove. ButterfliesAgain. IntelligentElite. Brainiac Dating. IQ Gorgeous. DoskonalaPara. Nomoredates. ThomasKnowsPeople. MatchMatrix. Moonit. VisualDNA. FriendScout24 BQ check. Clicck. HowAboutWe. WriteMatch. ASoundMatch. Soul2Match. FindYourFaceMate. "FaceReader from Profiler1: Personality Traits analysis based on facial features." Are We Good Together? Opposites Connect. "Yangutu, the science-based online dating site". Energy Profiling. TeAmoRU. PembePanjur. Dopasowani. BrainDesire. all of them are like patent medicine.

No actual online dating site offering a compatibility matching method has a credible peer reviewed Scientifc Paper by Academics (public scrutiny of findings) from different Universities showing its matching algorithm can match prospective partners who will have more stable and satisfying relationships with low divorce rates than couples matched by chance, astrological destiny, personal preferences, searching on one's own, or other technique as the control group.

The writer and journalist Lori Gottlieb (March 2006) noted about the growing number of Internet dating sites that are using the science of attraction to match singles: "their efforts mark the early days of a social experiment of unprecedented proportions, involving millions of couples and possibly extending over the course of generations"

The 3 milestone discoveries of the 2001 - 2010 decade.
Only 3 major discoveries can help to revolutionize the online dating industry.
Major online dating sites can not ignore them any more, or they will die instead.
I) Several studies showing contraceptive pills users make different mate choices, on average, compared to non-users.
II) People often report partner preferences that are not compatible with their choices in real life. (FORGET Behavioural recommender systems or other system that learns your preferences)

III) The strict personality similarity axis. Latest Research in Theories of Romantic Relationships Development shows: compatibility is all about a high level on personality* similarity* between prospective mates for long term mating with commitment.
*personality measured with a normative test.
*similarity: there are different ways to calculate similarity, it depends on how mathematically is defined.
Also Personality Based Recommender Systems are the next generation of recommender systems because they perform FAR better than Behavioural ones (past actions and pattern of personal preferences)
That is the only way to improve recommender systems, to include the personality traits of their users and they need to calculate personality similarity between them.

"Match, OkCupid, eHarmony and most other sites aren't very effective at finding dates. And Match is fine with that. They are working of global scalable infrastructure upgrades and acquiring competitors. They are in the Online Dating Industry for the money, matching systems aren't a top priority since they can churn through thousands of people at USD20/month and the singles keep coming back again and again."

The Online Dating Industry needs Innovations, but the innovations the Online Dating Industry needs will come from only one source: the latest discoveries in theories of romantic relationships development with commitment.

It is Spring now in South America, and some birdies had come to my window and told me:
The new eHarmony's CEO had ordered eHarmony's Team to develop a new high precision compatibility matching algorithm by strict personality similarity using the NORMATIVE 16PF5 or similar test and launch it in a new site before February 2012. Match's Team is testing a new compatibility matching algorithm using the 16PF5 test, to replace Chemistry, a 6+ years old and obsolete site based on an IPSATIVE personality model, which also has a low success rate and high level of false positives.

I had challenged eHarmony and Match to offer Compatibility Distribution Curves for each and every dater, i.e. how compatible you are with the rest of the daters.

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