Thursday, November 3, 2011

IAC Q3 2011 / Personals

The IAC had bought the Meetic Group some weeks ago.
Meetic Q3 2011 Results: The Group has a total of 797,093 subscribers.
(844,435 at 30th June 2011 and 872,047 subscribers at 31st March 2011).

IAC Q3 2011 Results for Personals: Match + Meetic & Meetic Affinity + Chemistry + OKCupid + SinglesNet + People Media's communities + YahooPersonals == 2,748,000 subscribers.

"Match Core" consists of Match in the United States, Chemistry and People Media's communities.
"Match Developing" consists of OkCupid, Singlesnet, mobile-only products and non-Meetic international operations.
"Meetic" consists of the publicly traded personals company Meetic S.A., which operates principally in Europe.
Compare to Q2 2011 for Personals

It is clear to Match, if they want to grow, they will need to increase their non-Meetic international operations. (The unexploited Latin American Market remains enormous: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and many countries in Central America)

Match Latam revenue (estimated) USD 29 million per year

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