Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pre paid cards or virtual charge

Several times I had suggested to Online Dating Companies wanting to enter (or already in) the Latin American Market (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru) to offer pre paid cards as the primary option of payment.
Latin Americans do mostly not have credit cards. The ones who have credit cards, do mostly not use them for subscriptions to avoid automatic rebilling and identity theft. More than 70% of people who own a cell phone, are pre-paid clients. They do not receive bills, they charge credit in their cell phones by 2 methods: Acquiring pre-paid cards at kiosks/drugstores or via virtual charge at kiosks/drugstores/supermarkets or at any place with a PosNet terminal (Banelco or Link)
Badoo offers to pay using SMS via your cell phone, but there were (several) complaints about up to 8 hours of delay from when you send the SMS and your profile is set in top visibility.

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