Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NEW SITE: Psicum review / Part 1 of 2

Psicum is a new online dating site offering a compatibility matching engine, but is is another HOAX in the Online Dating Industry. It seems to be only available in Spanish version.
It performs as freemium online dating site:

- basic features are free
- advanced features are paid using SMS payments (you can pay to increase visibility like PlentyOfFish -POF- or Badoo)

It has 3 types of tests:

psicum-graf (handwriting analysis to assess personality, remember is has distortion)

psicum-afi, 100 questions (personal preferences analysis and also used to assess personality by Myers-Briggs Type Indicator -MBTI-)

psicum-ci (IQ test)

It shows you compatibility using 4 doors:
- blue door for LOVE

- yellow door for FRIENDSHIP
- red door for CASUAL DATING
- white door seems to be used in order TO INVITE OTHER PERSONS TO JOIN the site

(It seems there are some glitches in the site, remember it is a home grown site, like it was PlentyOfFish circa 2008)

Here are some screenshots.

to be continued in part 2.

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