Saturday, May 11, 2013

ChristianCafe GAME OVER soon ???

The majority of online dating sites never show you prices before you register.
ChristianCafe, a 15 years old company in the Online Dating Industry, seems to be the only one who informs you prices before you create a profile there.

It seems traffic is dropping fast. Just seen the owner trying to sell a bunch of useless domain names.


  1. Ah Fernando, with yet another ridiculous post. You really should get some therapy. I'd start with anger management.

    We've displayed our pricing since our inception in 1999. I would think you'd be happy that we are transparent in an industry where you accuse so many of being closed.

    Us selling domain names is nothing new, either. We've been buying and selling domains for years, on the side. We recently sold for a healthy sum. A prior sale was We use other domains to earn money, too.

    But, it doesn't sound like you have the first clue about domain selling. Or online dating, for that matter.

    Do they not have psychotherapists in Argentina?

  2. Your previous post was titled, "A new plague: online dating startups!!!" yet you criticize us for being 15 years old?

    Does schizophrenia run in the family?

    1. Sam: I had not criticized you for being a 15 years old site. I had only said it is good you disclose prices before any prospective customer takes the decision to register in ChristianCafe. You are only a niche site operating mainly in Canada and USA, and you are not going to revolutionize the Online Dating Industry.

      I has only posted/noticed about a sudded drop in traffic rank by Alexa.
      Do you know what really happened?

    2. Fernando, all you do is criticize. So, everything is taken as such and many see you as just a ranting nutter with anger issues.

      Alexa isn't a good measurement of traffic. Consider your post right after us on POF about "strange behaviour in traffic rank (by Alexa)". Ultimately, the only true measurement is from websites themselves. Public ones you can see from their reports. Private ones like us and POF don't share it.