Monday, July 1, 2013

PAPER: "Are psychopaths and heroes twigs off the same branch?

PAPER: "Are psychopaths and heroes twigs off the same branch?
Evidence from college, community, and presidential samples"

We examine the relation between psychopathy, especially its fearless dominance dimension, and heroism in two undergraduate samples (N = 124 and 119), a community sample (N = 457) and 42 U.S. presidents.
The first undergraduate and community sample revealed significant positive correlations between fearless dominance and heroism and altruism toward strangers; the presidential sample provided some evidence for an association between fearless dominance and war heroism. In the second undergraduate sample, fearless dominance was related only to altruism toward strangers; heroism was instead significantly positively correlated with the impulsive antisociality component of psychopathy. These findings raise the possibility that some psychopathic personality traits are modestly associated with heightened levels of heroic altruism, and raise questions for future research on the personality correlates of heroism.

Moreover several Academics had investigated the relationship between Entrepreneurship and Personality Traits.

Some papers:
- The Entrepreneur's General Personality Traits and Technological Developments
- Which Big-Five personality traits drive entrepreneurial failure in highly innovative industries?
- Entrepreneurial tendencies of aspiring human resources in India: a multivariate analysis
- Creativity among entrepreneurship students: comparing engineering and business education

Moreover prospective entrepreneurs score different from prospective managers / businessmen / businesswomen.
Prospective entrepreneurs mostly score VERY LOW in some specific variables I and M and VERY HIGH in E, Q1 and Q2, like this 16PF5 personality pattern

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