Friday, November 22, 2013

No mention to ODS conference, no photos, no Facebook updates, no Twitter hashtags,

not sure what happened. Who can investigate further that issue?

"He was crowned a winner in the E-commerce category of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards"

Is that a joke?

Global Personals Ltd. owns White Label which had been proven by Journalists to invent fake profiles.

Last year they had reported a "record-breaking end to financial year"

How WhiteLabelDating had reached those big numbers of its revenue?
Because if you check some of their partners they really do not have traffic at all!

They claim to "provide the technology behind over 12,000 dating sites spanning everything from traditional dating to casual, niche and international sites, including our own sites as well as those of our partners."

 12,000 dating sites with less than 100 paid members on AVERAGE each one?

If you are an expert in the Online Dating Industry, you know they can not have over 12,000 online dating sites and be so successful!
" With annualized revenues approaching £50 million, the company now operates in seven English speaking territories across the globe, including the USA and Australia. It has since gone on to employ 427 people "

They can not be so successful as they pretend to be!

Are they running a big adult site I do not know?
Could some of those partners are using white label dating sites to launder money? Who knows?

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  1. Online Dating Summit is invite only, Ferdy, and you weren't invited :)