Thursday, November 14, 2013

Operating at a Loss since years.

They are a minor player in the Online Dating Industry and I seriously doubt they can innovate.
Spark Networks Reports Third Quarter Financial Results

Not sure how they can have those terrible high "Cost of revenue", perhaps they are Marketing Expenses instead because as Dave said in other case "Spend a lot of ad dollars so revenue looks good, thats easy. Running at a loss for years and years is a clear indicator of dating sites that don't really care about anything but making money."

They are the ones who released an EXCELLENT research! Mobile's Impact on Dating and Relationships.

OnlinePersonalsWatch have been tracking them since some time ago.

SeekingAlpha had transcripted the last conference call.
"Christian Networks' growth over the past 3 years has been driven largely by the 700% increase in average paying subscribers we have seen over that time. But, as you can see, Jewish Networks ARPU is about 60% higher than that of our Christian Networks segment. While growing our Christian Networks subscriber base remains a key focus of ours, we have told you that over time, we would begin to shift more of our attention to price optimization or yield management."

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