Sunday, June 29, 2014

Is the IAC going to pay a bribery to some VC investors from HowAboutWe?

OPW and Crunchbase

HowAboutWe received over USD22 Million as venture capital.
A comment at OPW from
Jeff R said...

Lets be honest - they agreed to pay the bills, take over the business and hire 5 people...not exactly an



Do you remember
the SmartDate

How much had the IAC paid for 10% of Tinder?

How much does the IAC plan to pay for HowAboutWe?
It seems VC investors agreed to show a big success, and no more failures.
They should show HowAboutWe as successfully sold to IAC, not closed as SmartDate or LikeIt!

Every time the IAC acquires a big online dating site, it is like if they were paying a bribery to the VC investor who had previously invested in that big online dating site.

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