Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rocket Internet GmbH. planning IPO 2014?

I suspect no one of those companies are designed to be profitable ever.
They have big losses because they sell below cost to gain traction.
All cloned companies seem like bubbles.

 Search for balances of those companies at:
A big Ponzi Scheme ?
Rocket Internet clone empire, most complicated financial puzzle in the World?
They are full of "shell companies" (phantom companies)
There is a very intriguing interlace of "Jade xxxx GmbH.", "Brillant xxxx GmbH.", "Bambino xx V V UG", "VRB GmbH. & Co. B-xxx KG" and "Juwel xxx V V UG" and other companies !!!
Who was paying all that fest? AB Kinnevik ?

If you want to replicate a big success in Brazil, it will be as hard as the same to replicate it in all European countries, but in this case with 1/8 of population and the majority of the persons DO NOT own or WILL NOT use a credit/debit card to buy online! They will prefer to research online and then buy offline.
The same for Africa, and perhaps the same for Russia.

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