Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rocket Internet removed Zalando, Affinitas and others from ALL VENTURES list!

Just seen Rocket Internet GmbH. (German Incubator) had removed Zalando AG.; eDarling (Affinitas GmbH.) and other companies from its ALL VENTURES list.
Please see BEFORE and AFTER screenshots!
Where is Zalando AG.?

I used WayBack Machine to obtain the BEFORE screenshot.

Rocket Internet GmbH. planning IPO 2014?

Who owns Affinitas GmbH. now?
Perhaps Affinitas GmbH. will be closed next October 2014 due to high operating losses.

Rocket Internet clone empire, most complicated financial puzzle in the World?
They are full of "shell companies" (phantom companies)
There is a very intriguing interlace of "Jade xxxx GmbH.", "Brillant xxxx GmbH.", "Bambino xx V V UG", "VRB GmbH. & Co. B-xxx KG" and "Juwel xxx V V UG" and other companies !!!

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