Friday, October 31, 2014

Bitter Pill: The EU regulation MOSS and their implications for the dating industry
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EU Regulation MOSS - Consequences for the Online Dating Industry
Online Dating News, Cologne ---- So it does not get boring even in the Internet business, the EU has devised a new scheme. It relates to the place of service in the case of electronic services (MOSS). Why this will lead to a nationwide outcry trading on the internet and also the creators of online dating and flirt portals?

Said "place of performance" is from 1 January 2015, where the customer is located. And that applies its national VAT rate. In plain English: you owe the country the VAT!

"An example of creeps
They operate in Germany a single market, happen to have also a paying customer from Portugal in the database. So then you owe the State Portugal the VAT payable - as high whatever which may just be.
Pathetic consolation: Help with numbers
Kindly, the EU has come up with some simplification, it saves you from having to register in all European countries and crisscross declarations and tax money sent around: There are national collection that make make the redistribution for you.
Say, you need only in German KEA (not at the bird, but in the "Little one stop shop" - no joke that really means so!) And register them then send your quarterly VAT return.
Would you, for example, made in quarter 1/2015 with the Austrians 1,200 euros in sales, you would have the local 20% VAT., so pay 200 euros to the KEA.
Conclusion: Act fast
Ask asap to your accounting system and get yourself the EU national tax rates. Then on to the KEA registration!
And then always diligently pursue the financial news, because if, for example, Finland on 03.01.2015 increased from 24% to 25%, which must of course also be entered at you ..."

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