Thursday, October 23, 2014

comScore report: Argentina Digital Future in Focus (2014)

The "2014 Digital Future in Focus Argentina" analyzes online audience trends by category and demography and provides a preview of the innovations to come in Argentina in 2015. 

Here are some of the highlights:
- In the last year, the online audience in Latin America grew 12% reaching 179 million unique visitors.
- Argentina is the third largest online audience in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico with 18.6 million unique users.
- Social Media is the category with more minutes on PC/Laptops screens for Argentineans.
- Argentina has the second highest reach for Social Media sites worldwide.
- Argentina has the highest reach for Sports sites in the region. On average, 1.5 million Argentineans visit Sport sites every day.
- There is a migration to mobile consumption: the usage of non-PC devices in Argentina is at 13.1%.  The dominant operating system is Android.
- Clicks are at best an incomplete – and at worst a misleading – metric.
- Reach and Frequency are beginning to be considered the most relevant metric to measure impact.

I have the theory that if something is successful in Argentina, it could be a success in the World.
If it can NOT be a success here in Argentina, it will definitely NOT be a success in the World.

NO online dating company (for serious daters) has success here in Argentina nor Brazil or other Latin American country.

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