Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Report about Q3 2014, IAC (nasdaq IACI)

From Seeking Alpha

"Also a huge shift to mobile. In 2010 only 8% of our North American users accessed products via mobile. In 2014 that 8% has become 81%. Now Tinder drives a big part of that, but even excluding Tinder, that number is up to 67%."
"In terms of Tinder Premium, Tinder Premium is going to launch soon, but it's going to launch in a variety of ways, in a variety of prices, in a variety of markets. This stuff is not religion. This is stuff you optimize your way into, which is sort of what I've said before. So it's not like you’re going to wake up one day and there is going to be sort of this big premium feature launched globally across all geographies at a common price point. This stuff gets innovated and tested throughout and that’s going to start very soon."

The mobile concept is evolving. What means mobile for the majority of the persons? SmartPhones? Tablets? All-in-one computers with wi-fi you can take from dining room to the bedroom?
In the near future everything will be mobile.

Do you remember Chatroulette? Lots of persons want to use it, but nobody wants to pay for it.
It seems Tinder is like Chatroulette but it will collapse like Skout (problems with minors using it).

Please see this information from Alexa and Compete, they show their sites reached operating ceiling!

Worldwide there are less than 7 million paid members (adding up all the ones at eHarmony/eDarling/EliteSingles, Match, Chemistry, Meetic, MeeticAffinity, OkCupid, PeopleMedia's Communities, PlentyOfFish, Parship/eCift, and others).
They do not want to innovate. They want to squeeze their big databases to get all the juice (money) from the wallets of the daters.

Please read also:
Plenty Of Fish Bets It All On Mobile

"POF CEO & Founder, Markus Frind, says that for people under the age of 35, 90% of POF’s visits now come from phones rather than web browsers."


WorldWide, there are over 5,000 -five thousand- online dating sites
but no one is using the 16PF5 (or similar) to assess personality of its members!
but no one calculates similarity with a quantized pattern comparison method!
but no one can show Compatibility Distribution Curves to each and every of its members!
but no one is scientifically proven! 
No actual online dating site  is "scientifically proven" because no one can prove its matching algorithm can match prospective partners who will have more stable and satisfying relationships -and very low divorce rates- than couples matched by chance, astrological destiny, personal preferences, searching on one's own, or other technique as the control group in a peer reviewed Scientific Paper for the majority (over 90%) of its members.


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