Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tinder Spammers Move To SMS After Improvements To Dating App’s Security

See this info from Alexa

How Tinder Transformed Dating, According To Its CEO

Tinder Is Raising From Benchmark At A Valuation North Of USD750 Million

Tinder Lawsuit GAME OVER

It seems Tinder is like Chatroulette but it will collapse like Skout.
Lots of persons want to use it, but nobody wants to pay for it.

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IAC buys back 10% of Tinder at USD5B valuation ???
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My answer to the Topeka Analysis: Why Investors Should NOT Be Enthusiastic About Tinder.

Tinder, Chatroulette, Twitter and PlentyOfFish (POF) and tech space that is out of control

"How Tinder will collapse"

Facebook allows minors to use it (people from 13 to 17 years old)
Online Dating is NOT for minors.
The IAC is not going to conduct Identity Verification to screen all Tinder's members.
It seems Tinder is like Chatroulette but it will collapse like Skout.
When the IAC Personals bought OKCupid (3+ years ago) for an astronomical amount of money, the OKCupid team had the task to copycat Badoo, but they failed in that mission. IAC Personals backed Tinder instead, as the copycat of Badoo. Tinder is only a cheap marketing tool to send prospective clients to Match and make them paid there, but it seems there is a divorce between Tinder and Match just now! Perhaps the IAC will "discretely bury" Tinder soon, it will absorb it and merge with Match mobile (with Stream and Mixer features) as soon as possible.

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