Friday, December 30, 2016

Five unexpected lessons from the AshleyMadison breach
This is the first USA FTC complaint involving lying bots. There will be more.

AshleyMadison GAME OVER, but they insist with reboot!

AshleyMadison should close forever.

AshleyMadison admits using fembots to lure men into spending money
It seems no one trust AshleyMadison any more because it seems they STILL use fembots. 

Cheaters will use Tinder instead.  

Soon you will see online dating scam victims hiring hackers and private investigators to fight back bad online dating sites, destroying them from inside, ala AshleyMadison case!

NEW? USA NY settles lawsuit over AshleyMadison lying about 'full delete' option

Original Article: Infidelity and the Internet: The Geography of AshleyMadison Usership in the United States

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