Tuesday, August 13, 2013

EXCELLENT research! Mobile's Impact on Dating and Relationships

Mobile's Impact on Dating and Relationships
and surprise! that study confirms what I had been saying since years!
mobile concept evolving, meaning tablets with Wi-Fi Network access
Remember I was featured 3 years ago at Mobile Social Web 2.0 Forecasts, Challenges & Regulations 2010-2014 from Juniper Research.
Mobile's Impact on Dating and Relationships was conducted by Amplitude Research (USA).
The survey was completed online May 8‐13, 2013, by 1,500 respondents ages 21 to 50.
Respondents demographics were as follows:
– 50% Male and 50% Female
– Balanced among USA regions
– Between the ages of 21 and 50 and evenly distributed across the following four age
ranges: 21‐26, 27‐34, 35‐42, 43‐50
– Smartphone owners and users

Mobile and Dating: Preference for Accessing Online Dating Sites
The vast majority of singles want to access online dating sites from the privacy of their homes with 72% preferring to access them from their home computers. However, 68% of singles are still likely to use their mobile devices either at home or away from home to access the sites.

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