Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PAPER "Cattell's Personality Factor Questionnaire (CPFQ): Development and Preliminary Study"

This study was aimed at:
(a) developing an instrument for personality assessment according to Cattell's model, in which the 16PF is based on;
(b) carrying out an empirical analysis of the internal structure of the instrument. Three hundred and forty seven people, mostly female (67.4%), attending higher education (62.5%) and aged between 16 and 66 (M= 25.69; SD= 8.90) participated in the study. One hundred and twenty items were created and an exploratory factor analysis of the main factors was carried out. Then, a parallel analysis, an exploratory full information factor analysis with categorical variables and an internal consistency analysis were performed. The results suggest that the instrument is composed of 12 factors of reasonable internal consistency rates.
The model developed by Cattell helped to understand the structural organization found for the instrument, since there is coherency, especially in relation to more general terms (global factors).
Online Dating sites have very big databases, in the range of 20,000,000 (twenty million) profiles, so the Big Five model or the HEXACO model are not enough for predictive purposes. That is why I suggest the 16PF5 test instead and another method to calculate similarity between prospective mates. Also to take into account women under hormonal treatment because several studies showed contraceptive pills users make different mate choices, on average, compared to non-users. "Only short-term but not long-term partner preferences tend to vary with the menstrual cycle".
[Also some Psychologists began to encourage the use of other tests for the Online Dating Industry, like:
California Psychological Inventory (CPI)
The Millon Index of Personality Styles-Revised (MIPS Revised)

but my best recommendation is, of course, the 16PF5 normative personality test.
Nor the CPI nor the MIPS can outperform the 16PF5.]

If you want to be first in the "personalization arena" == Personality Based Recommender Systems, you should understand HOW TO INNOVATE in the ............ Online Dating Industry first of all!

What comes after the Social Networking wave?
The Next Big Investment Opportunity on the Internet will be .... Personalization!
Personality Based Recommender Systems and Strict Personality Based Compatibility Matching Engines for serious Online Dating with the normative 16PF5 personality test.

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