Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rocket Internet’s Oliver Samwer responds to critics ahead of IPO ?

Full article at Financial Times.

A big Ponzi Scheme ?
Rocket Internet AG. most complicated financial puzzle in the World?
Full of "shell companies" and a very complicated & intriguing  interlace of them Interpol is investigating.
I suspect no one of those companies are designed to be profitable ever. They have big losses because they sell below cost to gain traction. All cloned companies seem like bubbles.

"As for the young Latin American Amazon clone, Linio, 2017 is set to be a good year – with estimated revenues of €281m, the Samwers claim that the return on sales will be an impressive 12%. This is a clear sign of the Samwers’ huge and rather unrealistic ambitions: by comparison, the company’s US original, Amazon, makes just over 1% in returns."
extracted from an article at VentureVillage: "Rocket Internet’s huge ambitions: to take down Ikea" 19 April 2013

FRESH Euros 58 Million (USD 79 Million) for Linio ?

Rocket Internet & Zalando imminent IPOs ?

A big Ponzi Scheme ?

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