Saturday, July 12, 2014

NEW articles and others /// "If Tinder Had A Corporate Compliance Training Program ... "

It seems IAC opened the umbrella before it rained (before the lawsuit was filed) when they paid a ton / a pile of money to get rid of other former Tinder's investors while secretly negotiating a severance with Ms. Wolfe, but as that failed, the lawsuit was filed.

New article: "If Tinder Had A Corporate Compliance Training Program ... "

"Tinder Drama" is like a "Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident" in Silicon Valley!
It will be remembered for years.

My bet:  the IAC will "discretely bury" Tinder soon, it will absorb it and merge with Match mobile (with Stream and Mixer features) as soon as possible.

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It seems now Tinder caught fire!

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