Friday, July 18, 2014

Rocket Internet AG. Q2 2014 financials via AB Kinnevik

Kinnevik-Dokumente Bereits 3 Milliarden Euro stecken in Rocket Internets Unternehmungen

Please read also the article at Financial Times:
Rocket Internet’s Oliver Samwer responds to critics ahead of IPO
and comments saying:
Sounds a bit like the old shell game - move the shells fast enough, you can keep fooling people.  But like the shell game, there's nothing actually under the shells!
This IPO has all the hallmarks of the internet bubble frenzy of 1999. Deluded, monomaniacal founders, the emphasis of quantity over quality and sales over profits. Investors in this business are likely to discover that as in 1999, the returns will be similar.

German Incubator "Epic Companies" will be game over soon!
Perhaps 7 ( unprofitable ? ) companies will dissolve in thin air

Perhaps German Incubator "Rocket Internet AG." will be in the same road next year.
Some shell companies from Rocket Internet AG. owned in part by the company AB Kinnevik.
Those companies are not listed this time in the Q2 2014 balance report from AB Kinnevik.
But from AB Kinnevik Annual Report 2013 (at page 55) they own in part the companies:
Jade 1158. GmbH.
Jade 1159. GmbH.
Jade 1217. GmbH.
Jade 1218. GmbH.
Jade 1221. GmbH.
Jade 1223. GmbH.
Jade 1238. GmbH.
Jade 1290. GmbH.
Jade 1314. GmbH.
Jade 1352. GmbH.
Jade 1353. GmbH.
Jade 1358. GmbH.
Jade 1367. GmbH.
Jade 1368. GmbH.
and others

Jade 1158. GmbH.  (owns Jade 1148. GmbH, Berlin, 100%; Jade 1148. GmbH & Co. Verw.KG, Berlin, 90%; VRB GmbH & Co. B-96 (Sechsundneunzig) KG, Berlin, 85%)
Jade 1159. GmbH.  (owns Kanui Comercio Varejesta Ltda. Brazil)
Jade 1217. GmbH.  (owns Jade 1215. GmbH, Berlin, 100% and VRB GmbH & Co. B-118 (Einhundertachtzehn) KG,Berlin,90%)
Jade 1218. GmbH.  (owns Tricae Comercio Varejista Ltda. Brazil)
Jade 1221. GmbH.  (owns Dovana Mercado de Artesanato Ltda. Brazil) related to Airu in Brazil
Jade 1223. GmbH.  (owns Jade 1220. GmbH, Berlin, 100 % and R.I.S. Rocket Russia Internet Services II GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, 91 %)
Jade 1238. GmbH.  (owns in part VRB GmbH & Co. B-125 KG, Berlin, 93 % and Kristall 146. GmbH, Berlin, 100 %)
Jade 1290. GmbH.  (owns in part Bambino 62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/70/71/72. V V UG, Blitz 10-173 UG, Blitz 10-175 UG, Drachenfelsallee 163. V V UG, VRB GmbH & Co. B-119/156/157/158/159/160/161/164/165/166/167/168 KG; Brillant 1256. GmbH, Brillant 1256. GmbH & Co. Verwaltungs KG, Brillant 1256. GmbH & Co. Zweite Verw. KG, Brillant 1256. GmbH & Co. Dritte Verw. KG, Westwing Home & Living GmbH )
Jade 1314. GmbH.  no info found at
Jade 1352. GmbH.  Jade 1353 GmbH.  Jade 1367 GmbH.  Jade 1368 GmbH. (Die Gesellschaft ist Tochterunternehmen der VRB Vorratsgesellschaften GmbH, Berlin, die auch Mutterunternehmen für den größten Kreis von Unternehmen ist. Die Konzernmutter ist nach § 293 HGB von der Pflicht zur Aufstellung eines Konzernabschlusses befreit.
 The Company is a subsidiary of VRB shelf companies GmbH , Berlin, which is also the parent company of the largest group of companies.)
Jade 1358. GmbH. (Emerging Markets Asia eCommerce Holding GmbH. owns Jade 1363. GmbH, Berlin, 100%)

Full information is available from:
and then search for the company you want to investigate to see by your own!

Rocket Internet clone empire, most complicated financial puzzle in the World?

They are full (in excess) of phantom companies, shell companies.
And not only they have lots of phantom companies, shell companies. There is a very complicated and intriguing interlace of them. (very suspicious situation)

There is a very intriguing interlace of "Jade xxxx GmbH.", "Brillant xxxx GmbH.", "Bambino xx V V UG", "VRB GmbH. & Co. B-xxx KG" and "Juwel xxx V V UG" and other companies !!!

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